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What is The Gyrokinesis Method? – A BACKGROUND

I want music in my body and poetry in my body, and I want to be skilful without struggle; it has to come without struggle” – Juliu Horvath, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® founder.

More than 30 years ago Juliu Horvath sustained a series of injuries that summarily ended his dance career.  As part of his convalescence he began taking yoga classes, then in 1977 he retreated to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for extensive exploration and research into yoga and the body.

During this period he developed a training system he initially referred to as ‘yoga for dancers’, which over time evolved into the The Gyrokinesis Method.

Just one of the many distinctive components of the Gyrokinesis system is the integration of eastern healing techniques, which are seamlessly assimilated into the exercise regime[1].

Far from being static or rigid, the Gyrokinesis method continues to evolve and Juliu’s initial motivation[2] has broadened to encompass his love of dance – in particular the sublime surrender of the holistically integrated body/mind/spirit to movement – with the impetus being pure emotion.  This is one reason dancers (and non-dancers) the world over are awakening to the benefits of Gyrokinesis exercise, whether it be as a conduit to dance, maintaining dance fitness, or simply to enjoy an holistic exercise system other than Yoga or Tai Chi.

As Juliu’s work has developed he has observed that once technique is acquired, and then combined with innate musicality, there is a space to create artistry – just as in dance.

Knowing the benefits of this connection, and how it can elude those without formal dance training, he set out to facilitate a similar experience for non-dancers.  Juliu also believes too much explanation of how this transformation may occur could in fact ‘inhibit or masque one’s own exploration, discovery and essential connection’……..

Following experimentation with various methods, including visualisation, analogies, breathing techniques and rhythm, he came to understand that not all people are innately musical – that some are unable to ‘hear’ their inner music or rhythm – and it was this realisation that inspired Juliu to create music specifically for Gyrokinesis exercises.  Through the use of music he hopes to initiate an experience once solely reserved for dancers and elite athletes – the sublime twilight between the technical/physical aspect and the spirit/soul – and….. yes, he has used the word ‘trance’ in this sense.  So here we have a continuation of the theme of Trance, which will be explored during the Tanzraum Summer Dance workshops in Belley later this year.

…  “the emotions will finally overpower the calculating mind…listen to the emotions listen to the music – it will guide you there – and then it is going to be life giving, it is nourishment”…

As dancers we already possess that special and innate relationship with music/rhythm – we already have an advantage…allez!

©Juliet Le Page 2013

[1] Stimulate the neural, metabolic and circulatory systems

[2] to create an holistic exercise system for health and well being

The Gyrokinesis Method® Offers:

 Improved –

  • core strength
  • Initiation from core
  • power/stability
  • alignment
  • range and freedom of spinal movement
  • fluidity
  • connection to earth
  • integration of the esoteric/exoteric body
  • clarity of form and intent
  • awareness of nuanced balance (control and abandon)
  • opens the heart space
  • flexibility and strength
  • agility/response
  • co-ordination and proprioception
  • dynamism
  • joy and freedom of movement!
  • musicality, lyricism

*GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC® & Logo, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic  Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

About juliet

Juliet Le Page has trained in many dance forms including Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, and Flamenco and Middle Eastern Dance. She was one of the earliest exponents of Belly Dance in Melbourne and her first performance was in 1980. She soon became disenchanted with Belly Dance and stopped to pursue other opportunities in the arts, including script re-writes, directing, production as well as performance in theatre, TV and film. In 1995 Juliet was introduced to the work of Hilal and has since traveled the world in pursuit of excellence in the art of teaching and performing Egyptian Dance. Her dedication and discipline was rewarded in 2000 when she was invited to become an Applicant for teacher training by the Hilal Art Foundation. Juliet was awarded her full licence in 2004. She continues to hone her skills under the auspice of Marie Al Fajr. She has lectured in universities and to arts groups and has also been interviewed on National radio and for documentaries. She has performed for Arabic festivals, television and in theaters at the invitation of arts bodies. In July 2003, Juliet was invited by The Consul General of Egypt to perform at the official function celebrating Egyptian National Day. She has been interviewed and has performed on the Egyptian Show on community television. She has completed studies in psychology, anatomy and physiology and is a qualified fitness instructor as well as a licenced practitioner of the GYROKINESIS® Method*. Her research and knowledge on functional alignment and physical form relative to Egyptian dance is an important and distinctive component of her teaching. In her purpose built studio she also offers Pilates/Yoga Core Work, and Holistic Stretch classes incorporating PNF method. Juliet has been invited to sit as a panel examiner for professional dance and performance arts academies including the Australian Ballet School - (Spanish Dance 2001-2009). She also has professional experience in theater, film and television in various areas of production, acting and dance. Juliet is also affiliated with Tanz Raum, an international platform where similarly trained and accredited artists share knowledge, experience and resource to inspire excellence in the teaching and performance of Egyptian Dance. She has also taught at the international workshops organised by them. Tanzraum recognizes dedication and integrity and also produces high quality C.D's of traditional Egyptian music**. Juliet’s passion for her chosen genre is evident in her teaching and performance. Her objective is to bring to students an awareness of the intricate and rich cultural heritage of Egypt through the beauty and benefits of the dance art form. Please visit the website for more information * GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission. ** See the Music section for CD & DVD sales. Back to Home.
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