Well here is the latest on the tomb of Nefertiti… via the tomb of Tutankhamum (see link below). There is something that doesn’t sit well with me in all of this, an inkling that not enough has been done, not enough positive support given to this project and Dr Reeves. I am very glad to see that it is not over…as some clearly would have hoped. The hyperbole around the theory, (which was inevitable given the subject matter), may have worked against Dr. Reeves. Egyptology – like many art/sciences – can be a minefield of ego, jealousies and politicing. Dr. Reeves has been so patient and respectful in observing the painfully slow protocols that surround this investigation of such an iconic tomb. This alone has garnered my respect and admiration of him and his work. Anyway, just to remind those who might be familiar with the work of Dorothy Eady, a.k.a Omm Sety, who did state “it (the tomb) was in the valley of the kings quite close to Tut’s tomb – it is in a place that nobody would think of looking…and apparently still intact.” Sends shivers up my spine.

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