I do find reconstruction work combining science and archeology extremely fascinating, however this research (see link below) is quite different to clothing/banquets/boats/buildings/flora/music/ritual or colour palettes.

I am not quite sure what this research project is trying to achieve. The article explains that there are 3 important anomilies in this recreation, which means it probably does not sound like the 3,000 year old priest Nesyamun in any case! There are wonderful examples of recreations including the sounds of Ancient Egyptian music. However this sits in the bizarre basket Рa bit Hollyology or even Frankenolgoy. What next Рanimation of limbs?

In the last paragraph of this article the author dodges the argument of ethics by proffering justification using the ancient Egyptian religious beliefs. Yes, it was the belief that after death, whenever your name was spoken you ‘lived’ and where rejuvenated in the afterlife.. What are your thoughts? Have vocal chords changed so much in 3,000 years we can not imagine a voice from the past? Do you think it valid research? Where would you rather money for archaeology/scientific research be allotted? https://time.com/5769431/mummy-speaks-voice/

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