Latest findings on King Tutankhamun’s Tomb

Well here is the latest…..but somehow I am sure not the final word, on King Tut’s tomb being in proximity to Nefertiti’s burial chamber. There is something that doesn’t sit well with me in all of this, an inkling that not enough has been done, and even where focus has been exhausted (i.e. side wall chambers), I would like to know what Dr. Nicholas Reeves has to say on the matter. The hyperbole around the theory, (not his intention), may have worked against him. It is understandable another Englishman (Nicholas Reeves) uncovering one of the greatest finds since King Tut’s tomb (Howard Carter), would be less desirable than an Egyptian or anybody else unearthing such a find. Egyptology is a minefield of ego and politics with some really interesting characters in play. I hope there is some continued interest in the theory from someone who perhaps doesn’t threaten the Egyptology heirarchy. I have seen this happen in the past, and even though it cost the Egyptologists who stepped on these egos dearly, questions were finally answered that would not have been uncovered without a little controversy bringing light to the subject. Dr. Reeves has been so patient and respectful observing the painful protocols that inevitably surround such an investigation, long may he work on.


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